Monday, May 16, 2011


I recently found out about this trip to Kenya that some people at my school are doing along with people from another school. On this trip you can go and learn what it is like to live in Africa, help build a school, learn Swahili and all sorts of things! I would really love to go on this trip but if my mom were to let me, I would need to raise about $5000. Each month until the trip we would need to pay about $531 and I would have to make sure that money is raised because my mom can not afford to pay it.

We are looking for some more information before she decides because her concern is that with all my medical problems, what if something happens between now and the trip that might interfere with me being able to raise money on time. While we are waiting for this information, I thought I should think of ideas in which I could fundraise if she allows me to go the trip. If anyone would be interested in helping by holding a fundraiser at their workplace, church, school or anything please let me know!

I love to help people and this trip would give me the chance to not only raise money that helps someone but raise money and actually be able to see the people its helping and how it helps. It would also give me the chance to learn more.

For more information on the trip, click the picture below:

If your interested in possibly helping out please let me know!

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