Monday, May 23, 2011

Last week's appointments

Last week I had an appointment at Children's as well as an ultrasound and also an appointment with my doctor in North Van. Ultrasound was looking for more stones and we haven't heard anything about it so it doesn't sound like I have a stone! Might have something wrong with my gallbladder though. Apparently it's rare for kids but my doctor is looking into it because every time I have an ultrasound my gallbladder is totally collapsed no matter how I prep. I've been on a medication that has been helping me feel a bit better so my doctor said to stay on that. I still have pain sometimes though and that could be caused by something to do with the gallbladder thing though... we don't really know. I will be seeing that doctor after the summer as well as the kidney guy so maybe I will get a bit of a break from appointments over the summer! I have one more at Children's in a week and I don't think there are any others planned. When I last saw my doctor we asked him about Kenya and he said go to Kenya!! Now I just have to see what my mom says :) I think I will be fine to go. I have done lots of fundraising in the past so I know what I'm doing and I have lots of great friends who are happy to help. This would be such an amazing opportunity.

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