Monday, June 20, 2011

First day of no school!

Friday was the last day of school and today is the first day with no school. It feels really weird because I'm used to always having school or homework in the back of my mind. No matter what I was doing I was always remembering and planning out what I had to do. I love school and I have lots of fun doing projects and stuff. I like to learn new things and meet new people.

I guess school isn't really done yet... I have an English 10 provincial to write on Thursday. I'm kind of looking forward to it. I love English and sometimes I find tests fun. I've done the practise exams and they were pretty easy so I have a feeling I will do well.

After that I will be done! Except for the fact that I plan to work on Math 10 over the summer and take the provincial when we go back (I was in grade nine this year but was a bit ahead and doing Math 10 and English 10). I had hoped to have it finished, but with missing school and being so busy, and then the fact that Math 10 is probably the hardest so far, it wasn't looking like I would finish it in time for the provincial exams. I tried, but I rushed it and my marks went from A's down to C's or in the case of one test, not even passing. So over the summer I will take my time and try to improve that.

Next year I'm taking English 11, Writing 12, Keyboarding 11, Science 10, Socials 10, Math 10, Planning 10, Spanish 10, and PE 10.

Until then, no school and lots of free time! Two months of it! And it doesn't sound like I will have too many appointments... as far as I know. I have the HIDA scan on Friday. Then this weekend we are going to the Okanagan to visit my mom's boyfriends family for about a week. When we get back I will have an appointment at Children's and then maybe another somewhere in there (she wants me to see what happens if I stop taking my medication...). Other than that, I don't think there will be much.

Soon I will post my summer to do list and eventually what I got on my report card (when I find out) and then soon hopefully stuff about the Kenya trip! Speaking of Kenya, I forgot to tell you! We went to a really great meeting last week and got lots of very helpful information. I am more excited now :) and I think my mom might be more comfortable with it. I think she might be making up her mind this week! SO I will let you know :)

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