Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nine More days!!

There are just nine more days until the last day of school! It seems like it is coming too fast. It feels like just yesterday I was starting grade nine yet it also feels like its been forever! As much as I really look forward to summer I actually have a lot to do before the 17th when school finishes; some little projects for Spanish, a bunch of stuff for business, a current events thing, one thing for art, an English presentation, and studying/taking finals. Then, after school is 'finished' I will be doing some studying for my very first Provincial... for English 10... on the 23rd. I am actually really looking forward to it. I love English and recently decided that I really like tests :) At the moment I am actually working on a family album for Spanish.

So, in my last post I guess I kind of left you hanging. I mentioned how my mom had talked to my doctor and we might know what is wrong now... well, thanks to that pain I had we might actually know. It is probably my gallbladder. It would explain all the problems I have had and the random awful pain. So I am trying another different medication to help with that. It also said that it can help with high cholesterol so its kinda like two in one haha. On the 24th I will be having a HIDA scan to test the function of my gallbladder. It's going to be done at RCH so maybe I will get to see some of my buddies there! Oh and on Monday I have another appointment at Children's.

As for Kenya, my mom said I can go ahead and start fundraising :) So hopefully once I get going she will make up her mind. I will go eventually, so why not now?

Well, I better go get back to work! :)

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