Monday, July 4, 2011

Better late than never ;)

I meant to post about how the HIDA scan went, but ended up not having Internet for over a week! It was kind of nice but I sure do appreciate being able to sit down and look something up if I need to or quickly contact someone.

Anyways, I'm over a week late because my family spent some time with my mom's boyfriend's family in the Okanagan. It was really nice! But, I will tell you all about that in a separate post to keep things from being too confusing! ;)

So I went for the HIDA scan (scan to check the function of my gallbladder) but my gallbladder did not show up!! Just disappeared!! Haha well we know it's there because we've seen it on ultrasounds (just collapsed) so my doctor said that it sounds like it's just stopped working. We don't know really for sure what's going on with it yet because he is going to wait and see the report and then probably send me to see someone else. Another doctor! My list just keeps growing. It was funny when I went for the scan because they asked why I was having it done and we explained everything to them and they kept saying they weren't exactly sure what we would see on the test. Apparently nothing! Haha. They even gave me extra radioactive stuff and let the scan go for 3 hours (long time to lay in one spot without moving!) but still nothing.

Just waiting to hear from the doctor now! The medication he has me on seems to be working though. I have been feeling almost 100%!! It's very nice!

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