Thursday, July 14, 2011

Palm Reading

The other day I had my palm read. It was actually really cool! I wanted to see what she had to say and see how accurate it was or if she had anything to say about my future that might help me now. So she started out telling me about my life now and stuff... it was actually pretty accurate. She described me as a person quite well and my family and everything. Then she told me my lucky numbers are 3 and 9... I will have to try that out sometime. My lucky days of the week are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday... that sounds GREAT! Those are my favourite days of the week! hahaha. As for my future, apperently I will be a doctor and I will be successful and travel a lot for my job. I will live very far from where I do now. I am going to marry a tall dark hair blue eyed man of European desent when I am 27. We will have one boy and one girl. My kids will be healthy and very smart and I will be very proud of them. That's all I really remember ahaha. We will see what happens! Oh and she said I will pass all my courses, and I did (of course), six A's two B's :) Oh and she said I have two successful trips coming up!! :)

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