Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer to do list #15 - Take Lots of Pictures

I have been taking tonnes of pictures!! Mainly in this past week while we were in the Okanagan. The people we were visiting have a beautiful garden (yay! lots of flowers!) and we did all sorts of things that gave me opportunities to take pictures. Also, right before we left, I bought a new camera with some money I had saved. I love it!! It has an awesome zoom and lots of settings. It takes really nice videos too. I also really like its colour! :) Even though I have my own new amazing camera, I still like to use my mom's sometimes. Usually my camera is perfect for what I like to do, but for little small flowers or where I want to take a pictures extremely close and get all the amazing details I still like to use my mom's. My camera does pretty much the same things as hers (and more) it just can't get as close.

Anyways, here's some pictures I have taken! These are some of my favourites!

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