Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tiny Light Photos

A few weeks ago my family (+Perry) did our photo session with Jenn Di Spirito Photography for the Tiny Light Foundation.  The Tiny Light Foundation is a non profit organization that provides professional photography to children and families who have been faced with a life altering diagnosis.  I first read about them in my local newspaper and after speaking with Melissa, the founder, I applied for a session.  I have never really thought about it, but we don't really have any recent family pictures!  I think the most recent is from at least five years ago... which isn't that recent haha.   
Only a few days later we got a call from our photographer, Jenn.  It took a couple months to plan our session due to rain and our very busy schedule.  It was definitely worth the wait though.  After being literally swarmed by mosquito's and changing locations we had a great time with Jenn and she got absolutely beautiful pictures.  So I thought I would share a few of them with you :)

The Tiny Light Foundation and all the people who make it happen are absolutely amazing!  So are all the kids that they help!  They have the most beautiful photos.  I have loved learning about the Tiny Light Foundation and have even been able to meet some new people.  Please check out The Tiny Light Foundation and if you or somebody you know would benefit from what they do then apply!!  They also have an amazing song, you can listen it to it by looking to the right of the page and clicking play!

Thank you so much Jenn and everybody at the Tiny Light Foundation.  You are amazing people!!


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