Monday, September 12, 2011


Wow!  Lots to tell you about.  Fundraising has been going amazing!  I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who came out to the pub night on Saturday.  I hope you had a great time and it was because of all of you that is was so successful!  Also a big thank you to Perry and my mom for the selling of the raffle tickets and MC-ing.  I wasn't able to go (I babysat though!) but it sounds like it was an amazing night and it raised $639!!!!  Thank you all so much!!!  I am so close to my goal.  My total is currently at $4,854!!!!  Thank you SO MUCH everyone!!!!!!!!!!

My next (and possibly final) fundraiser is a garage sale this coming weekend (Saturday the 17th).  It is from 10am-3pm and will be HUGE.  There have been so many amazing people who have donated, thank you!  There are all sorts of items for everyone and you will find good deals.  Even a bunch of brand new things!  I will also of course be selling baked goods!  And you can drop of donations of bottles as well.  I am really looking forward to it and hope you can make it!

Oh and for the inspiring stories, I do have one coming!  I can't wait to share it!  The girl is such a cutie and so brave!  I'm just waiting for some more information and as soon as I get it, the story will be up!

Thank you everyone so much for all the donations, kind words, and support.  You are all so amazing!

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