Saturday, October 15, 2011

WE DAY - Vancouver 2011!!

On Thursday I went to We Day in Vancouver along with 18,000 other students.  It was so amazing and inspiring!  I loved hearing what everyone there had to say and seeing all the amazing performances.  We Day is an annual all-day event organized by Free the Children to inspire local and global change.  You can read more about the Vancouver We Day and see who was there at this link:

The first time I heard about We Day was a couple years ago when I saw it on TV.  Just watching it on TV was so amazing and inspiring to me so when I found out that I have a ticket to actually be there this year, I was so excited! 

When we got there, there was youth who want to make a difference everywhere you looked.  It was amazing to sit in a room with 18,000 other people who all felt the same way and all want to change the world.  The energy was amazing.  Everybody who spoke to all the students was so inspiring and it was all just so absolutly AWESOME.

Here's my pictures!  I tried to get some videos up but it hasn't been working so when it works, I'll upload them!! :)

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