Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year Just Around the Corner

First, I would like to say sorry for not writing anything in so long.  It kind of feels like it was just yesterday that I last posted, but it has been so long!!  Honestly, I have been having a tough time with everything and it's been kind of hard to write.  I'm feeling better and have been wanting to write for a while now but had no idea where to start so I've really been putting it off.  I think that I have really missed writing now, sitting here with less than an hour left of 2011, I figured why not just start and see what happens.  Then I will be all ready to go for the new year!  Here it goes...

My last post that really covered everything that was going on was titled 'Most Exciting Post. EVER.'.  I talked about how I had reached my goal for fundraising for Kenya, how I got a date for my ERCP, and about how I was going for an interview for the Ridge Meadows Hospital VolunTEEN program.  The other posts were about We Day and then one about me being sick.  A whole lot has happened since then! 

I went for my ERCP as planned and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I wasn't feeling that great after.  I'm not sure if I explained what the ERCP is, but it's where the doctor puts a scope down your throat, into your stomach, then into your small intestine and can then look at the gallbladder, pancreas, and liver.  I required a lot of sedation for it because apparently I was really fighting the scope.  My doctor found a stone in my cystic duct but it was not safe for him to remove it because of where it was and how much sedation I had required.  The stone has been blocking my gallbladder and is what caused my gallbladder to stop working.  So we found out that, like we had thought, I will need surgery to remove my gallbladder.

My mom told me that I am not able to go to Kenya if I have not had my gallbladder taken out because she doesn't want me getting sick over there and my doctor said I can't go if I have not had the full recovery time of 4-6 weeks.  But, I was very lucky and was scheduled for surgery at UBC on January 6th (about five days from now!).  I can not believe that this is happening.  Its been two years now of not being well and just getting worse but nobody being able to figure out what's going on.  And now suddenly we know what is going on!!  It is hard to explain how it feels...on one hand its totally relieving and exciting knowing what's wrong and how we can fix it, but at the same time, I am totally terrified because I'm used to not finding out anything from tests and telling myself (even though I knew something is wrong) that everything is fine and just keep going.  So I will be getting my surgery before Kenya.. the trip is still a go!! :)  I am quite looking forward to going, I am sooooo excited!!!  I will post more about that later.

When school finished for the winter break I was looking forward to having a nice break and our trip to the Okanagan for Christmas and New Years.  The first few days were really nice... but then the day before we were supposed to leave for our trip, I woke up really sick and just kept getting worse.  The night before I had woken up with some really uncomfortable pain and was pretty nauseous but it didn't feel quite as severe as the other times that something like that has happened so I just tried to go back to sleep, which took a while.  I thought I would feel better in the morning, but it just kept getting worse.  I was really sick.  So I called my mom at work, who got my neighbour who is a nurse to come check on me, and I ended up having to go to Emerg at RCH.  It was pretty bad...I was really really sick and at the hospital the pain became absolutely awful - I think it was even worse than when I had the kidney stone!  I had some tests and they said I had cholecystitis.  Long story short, I probably should have had surgery but that didn't work out so they said they had to just keep me comfortable until my surgery.  So I was given fluids, antibiotics, morphine, gravol, and some other stuff.  When the pain was under control, I was admitted to Peds.  So we delayed our trip.  They were maybe going to discharge me for Christmas or at least let me have a pass to go home for a bit, but on Christmas Eve, I couldn't fall asleep...not because I was looking forward to Christmas morning but because I was really not feeling well.  The pain started to come back and I got really sick again.  I totally forgot about Christmas.  They gave me morphine and gravol and I fell asleep!  Christmas was nothing like I thought it would be haha.  I had to stay in the hospital and the doctors decided that when I was allowed to go home, I wouldn't be allowed to travel.  So we celebrated Christmas on the 28th, when I was home, and Perrys family, who we were supposed to be visiting, came to visit us.

I am still not feeling 100% so I'm looking forward to getting this over with!!  I'm finishing up the antibiotics and have been taking gravol and tylenol every now and then but try to avoid it because the gravol makes me really tired.  I also just started a different medication that I will probably have to still take after the surgery.  So between the surgery and that medication, I should be feeling a lot better soon... I hope!!  I'm tired of this all.

I would also like to say sorry for not keeping up with the inspiring stories page!  I had been really excited about that page so I feel bad for not working on it, but with how I had been feeling about everything going on, I was having a hard time writing.  I hope to share a new story again soon!  Also, it saddens me to share with you that Baby Anaya passed away on November 13, 2011 at the age of 26.5 months.  I had the opportunity to meet her and Camara because I invited them to present to the District Student Advisory Council that I am a part of.  She was an amazing little girl that touched many lives and her story will continue to do so!

Happy New Year everyone!!  It is now 2012!!!  I still have more to share but will save it for another time as this post is getting pretty long!  It's good to be back and I will post soon :)

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