Monday, January 23, 2012

Surgery Number Eleven

A year ago, when I had my tenth and final surgery on my leg, never did we imagine that a year later I would be back in the operating room having an eleventh surgery.  Or that it would be surgery to remove my gallbladder! 

After two years of being sick we finally knew what was causing it: a stone blocking my cystic duct had caused my gallbladder to stop working.  Everybody was pretty shocked that it was a gallbladder problem.  It had made me so sick, I'm so young, and at 95 pounds I am definitely not overweight.  It was most likely caused by the high cholesterol that I inherited from my dad.  The surgeon was not able to remove the stone during the ERCP I had because it wouldn't be safe because of where the stone was and how much sedation I had required.  So I was scheduled for surgery on January 6th.

Up until the week of the surgery, I was somewhat okay with the idea of having another surgery.  Mainly because I was looking forward to getting this all over with.  Especially after spending Christmas in the hospital.  But then I started to get a little scared.  I didn't want to have to go through all of that surgery stuff again...but I had no choice!  Thanks to the help of some awesome people, when I arrived at the hospital I was feeling totally okay and relaxed.  I was worried that I would get all freaked out, and that wouldn't make it all much easier.  But everything was fine, they asked a bunch of questions, started an IV (which they got in on one try!), gave me some Ventolin, and after some waiting I was in the OR.  The only thing I remember is laying down on the table as they wrapped me in a warm blanket (I really wish we had a blanket warmer at my house..) and gave me something in the IV that they said would help with the anaesthetic later on.

A couple hours later I woke up in recovery.  Well I didn't totally wake up haha....  I was pretty sleepy.  When I was first kind of awake, I was a little freaked out because they don't let anyone come in the recovery room to see you, but one of the nurses held my hand for a while.  They had trouble keeping me awake and then every time I fell asleep I would forget to breath so my oxygen levels would drop and they had to keep me on oxygen for a while.  So I had to stay there for longer than we thought.  Then, when they woke me up and reminded me to breath, my oxygen levels would go back to normal but my heart rate would get really high...when I fell asleep the heart rate would be fine and the oxygen levels would drop.  For the longest time they couldn't figure out what was going on with my heart rate but then we figured out it was because I had to pee but couldn't because of the pain medication they had given me in the OR.  So they tried all sorts of things to try and get that pee to come out but nothing worked.  My bladder was so full and I had to pee so bad it hurt.  It felt like, if I wasn't careful, it would just come out...but that pee was not going anywhere!  So they had to put in a took a few tries and was kind of awkward...but it definitely helped!!  A little while later, after receiving some suppository Gravol (fuun..) I was allowed to go home.

The car ride was pretty bumpy and every bump hurt.  But because of all the drugs I had been given and the gravol before leaving I was pretty sleepy and eventually the bumps weren't that bad.  We spent the weekend at Perry's house.  I slept a lot.  I had to take pain medication at certain times to keep the pain under control and it made me rreeallyyy sleepy.  On the first night at home, I had suddenly felt really hungry and ate a whole bunch of food, but the next I was really nauseous.  For a few days I was on the pain medication and gravol then, one night when we were back at our house, I was so sleepy when I went to bed.  I just layed down and was practically asleep.  I didn't even turn my light off or put the blanket all the way on or anything.  And I was holding my book.  I just fell asleep.  Then, a little while later, I woke up, still pretty out of it, and I could feel my breathing slowing down...I was so relaxed....and then I guess I fell asleep but then I woke up like gasping for air.  It was pretty scary.  But, still pretty out of it, I just layed there.  And then I started hearing was a little creepy.  I heard my mom's voice, perry's voice, and then this really creepy voice.  It went on for a while and then I started having really freaky hallucinations.  After a while, when I was a little more awake, I thought I had been abducted by aliens (I guess I wasn't that awake haha) and went back to sleep.  When the pain medication had worn off I was really freaked out.  It had felt so real and I thought it was real.  That was the end of the pain medication.  Tylenol didn't work as well but I survived.  It was kind of tough but each day gets easier.  My muscles are just a bit sore where they went in so I have to be careful when I'm moving around and stuff.

I have an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow to see how he thinks things are going and then I will probably go back to school next week.  I've been getting a lot of homework done at home.  There's not much else I can do.  I'm not really someone who watches TV all day (unless it's greys anatomy...).  I had planned to watch all these movies while I'm recovering but I've enjoyed accomplishing so much for school.  It's a good distraction.

Sorry this post got really long!  They've been a lot longer lately...I'm going to have to start updating more often so that your not reading like a whole novel every time haha.

Hope your having a great day!  Oh and Happy Chinese New Year!

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