Saturday, January 28, 2012


A few days ago we went to the Health Unit and I had my immunizations updated (I had missed the grade 6 and grade 9 ones).  Then today we went to the travel clinic and found out what else I will need for traveling to Kenya.  I've had 7 vaccines so far (been poked a lot in the last few days haha!): the ones for grade 6 and 9, then today I got Hep A, Typhoid Fever, and Yellow Fever.  In a month I will need to get three more: my Hep B booster, Menactra, and Polio.  I've also gotten my prescription for malarone (malaria pills), a prescription for antibiotics, and I need to get Dukorol (E. coli vaccine).

Still lots to do to get ready for Kenya!  43 days to go!  Getting so close, I'm so excited!!

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