Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finally Donating My Hair :)

For so long I have wanted to donate my hair; grow it out, cut off my pony tail, and have it be used to make a wig for someone fighting cancer.  I do not like having long hair AT ALL!  It took me a very long time to grow it out because every time it got to my shoulders, I would have to get it cut shorter again.  I remember days in grade eight where I would get my friends to measure my hair only to find out it wasn't even close to being enough; maybe only half way there if I was lucky, haha.  I finally did it though!  I don't recall the last time I had my hair actually cut - there might have been once, after last Summer, where I just got the tips cut a bit.  Then, it got past my shoulders and just kept growing.  I am very surprised at how long I lasted!  Today I had nine inches of my hair cut off.  It was so exciting to hear the scissors cut through my pony and then it no longer be on my head!!  It was quite the relief and I was proud that I finally really did it!  I will be sending my hair into Pantene Beautiful Lengths (click to learn more) to make a wig for a woman battling cancer.  I know many people who have lost their battle with cancer, who are still fighting it right now, or who have made it through it.  It's a terrible thing and I believe that every person that has to go through it is so absolutely brave and amazing.  I hope that my nine inches of hair helps make it even the tiniest bit easier for someone.

Ready to mail my hair! :)

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