Thursday, October 18, 2012

We Day Vancouver 2012 Excitment

This year I volunteered at We Day and I am soooooo glad I did!  At first when I saw what times I had to be downtown at, I sort of freaked out.  But, once I was there, the We Day energy took over!!!  It was amazing.  Since Free the Children couldn't bring all of their staff here from Toronto, I was trained as if I were a staff member.  I was a Senior Volunteer for Youth Registration; I got to go in the staff area, use a radio, and have food.  :)

I LOVED helping out because it was so great helping all the schools get organized and making sure the correct seats were filled on time since the show was live.  The people I worked with and got to know were so wonderful.  One of my favourite parts of the day was when I had permission to let the people in who didn't have any tickets.  The show was starting and they needed to fill seats, so I brought the group in through security and gave them wristbands.  They were extremely excited and so thankful.  Later on, one of the moms came by in tears and thanked us because she had never seen her son so happy.  It was so great, I'm glad they got to see the show.  Another of my favourite things about this We Day was getting to see some awesome friends as well as my facilitator, Jill, from Kenya!  It was amazing to see her again!!  It was so hard to say goodbye though; it felt like leaving Kenya all over again.

We Day Vancouver had an amazing line-up of performers and presenters this year, including Demi Lavoto, One Republic, Cody Simpson, Magic Johnson, Spencer West, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and many many more.  I poked my head in to see bits and pieces of it.  At times I found myself in tears because of the extremely inspiring speakers and wonderfully positive, passionate energy that filled the arena!

Kenya buddies at We Day!

View of the arena from the staff area.

My We Day Youth Registration family.
Part of the Kenya family - being silly!
Part of the Kenya family reunited!!

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