Saturday, January 26, 2013

A bunch of shocking news & Behind on blogging...Again

Once again, I have gotten behind on blogging!  I don't find it too surprising haha, it seems like every time I post something, there is so much to update you on.

Okay so first of all, the Christmas bake sale was amazing!!  I got to spend the day with some wonderful friends who volunteered their time to help out, I met so many inspiring people, and had such meaningful conversations.  There were so many times that day where I was nearly in tears of happiness.  I also received some lovely cards and notes from people thanking me for sharing my story.  By the end of the day, we had pretty much sold out!  There was so much baking and fancy Christmas treats but it was all sold!!  Many donations also came in, including an anonymous donation of $500.  I was so thankful for all of the support I received from my friends and community that day.  With the total amount of money raised being over $2000, that is the most I have ever raised in one fundraiser!!!

Then, when I phoned Mike and Tara at 103.5 QMFM to let them know how fabulous the bake sale had gone, they updated their listeners who then did something so extremely generous and surprising!  They began calling in and donating, raising a total of $950 towards my trip to Ghana!  That was probably one of the coolest mornings ever.  I was extremely shocked to wake up first to a phone call from the radio, second to find out that people were calling in to donate, and third to realize that all of the money for my trip had been raised!!  I no longer have to worry about any of it - it's all covered.  So, recently, my mom and Perry and I went out to Vancouver where Mike, Tara, and producer Brad presented me with the $950 on air.  It was so wonderful to meet the people I listen to every morning and to be able to thank them in person for their help.  It was also pretty fun talking on the radio!

In other news, I recently found out that I have THREE more gall stones!  Yet I have had no gall bladder for over a year.  Pretty crazy.  Now I'm just waiting for the day that my gall bladder grows back.  If I can get gall stones without a gall bladder, I would not be surprised if my body could figure out how to regrow my gall bladder.  The stones were spotted while I was at Children's getting my kidneys checked out.  They were searching for kidney stones, but found gall stones.  Kidney stones would make sense - I definitely have kidneys - but gall stones?! I know I'm attempting to make this humorous (I hope I've succeeded, too) but I can assure you I am quite unimpressed.  The whole situation is pretty ridiculous, I can't help but handle it with a hint of sarcasm.  Time for yet another ERCP.

On a more pleasant topic - I have received the flight itinerary for my Ghana trip!!!!  We will be flying from Vancouver to Frankfurt and then into Accra.  I am quite excited!!  Once I get rid of these insane stones, my official countdown will begin!

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