Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Carry On

So, I wrote this poem for English a little while ago, and just feel like sharing it now.

~by Miranda Tymoschuk

You tread absentmindedly alongside the river,
the slight breeze makes you shiver,
without a jacket.
Surrounded by many daunting
trees so tall, branches reaching out.
Exposed, alone, confused,
alongside the river

The stream flows slowly
but bubbles furiously
hitting countless teeny stones
with such an effect.
Then bumps, bends, and boulders
interrupting its trail
You observe, alongside the river

In new paths,
still the unknown,
unaware of where
just following the rocky flow.
No longer sparkling green – now crimson,
cutting, leveling out the mud
You recognize, alongside the river

Darkness falls down hard,
hard to imagine that brook
persisting, although
the frightening sounds all present,
the water continues
to roar
You hear, alongside the river

Sunlight extends all ‘round
stretching, side by side, through tree branches,
twinkling on the brave rumbling river
that falls down.
Down the side of a mountain,
gaining more speed and strength to carry on.
Trembling, you stand still, alongside the waterfall

It spits and sprays,
you laugh through tears,
admiring the beauty of being, and choose.
Choose to turn around,
to continue the climb.
Gaining more speed and strength to
carry on, alongside the river.

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