Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Always Need Hope

Something that I've wanted to do for a while now is get a tattoo. After everything that I've been through and am still going through, I've found it important to regularly remind myself to hold onto hope. So it seemed perfect to get it tattooed somewhere that I can see it all the time. And that's just what I did on May 25th. ♥

This tattoo is so special to me and the meaning behind it is so important.  It inspires me every day so that's why I figured I would share it as part of my 50 Days of inspiration, love and change.

"Hope is the sum of the mental willpower and waypower that you have for your goals. Goals: objects, experiences, or outcomes that we imagine and desire in our minds. Willpower: the driving force in hopeful thinking. Waypower: reflects the mental plans or road maps that guide hopeful thought." ~Charles Snyder

The Butterfly Effect: The phenomenon that a small change at one place can have large effects elsewhere.

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