Sunday, June 23, 2013

Things That I LOVE

There are some things that I find very important in my life.  Things would not be the same if it weren't for this list of things that I love and am grateful for.  What's on your list?

~the smell of coffee in the morning
~the smell/sound of summer rain
~laying down in my bed after a long day
~cold showers
~new books and bookmarks
~painted fingernails
~learning about how our bodies and minds work
~my friends & family
~creative art of all kinds
~music that explains how I feel in the moment
~roasted marshmellows, hot dogs, and campfires
~laughter & smiles
~baking & cooking (and eating haha)
~learning new things
~meaningful conversations
~running in bare feet
~jumping into a cold lake
~the sound of the ocean
~walking along a beach, as the sun goes down
~tight hugs
~hand shakes and high fives
~different languages
~boating, canoeing, kayaking
~playing the piano

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