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Lets Fight Cancer Together

*In memory of Kieran*

Many people that I love have been faced with cancer.  Some have beat it, some are still fighting, and some have passed away due to it.  I hear about people all the time that are battling cancer.  I hate that they must experience this horrible disease.  So, I wanted to do something to raise awareness and to raise money to help those whose lives have been affected by cancer.  

I want to encourage you to do some research, find a charity that touches your heart, and possibly make a donation.  There are all sorts of amazing organizations out there.

If you can't donate, then please take the time to share the stories and experiences of people faced with this challenge.  Do what you can to help them fight it.

Kieran is a brave teenager that has recently had to fight for her life, but along the way she’s learned so much about herself and is sharing her story in order to help and inspire others.

“To anyone fighting cancer right now, keep looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.  You're almost there, don't look back!  Never give up because I have faith in every single one of you.  Keep smiling”  ~Kieran McGhie

Kieran McGhie
CANADA - Maple Ridge, BC
August 6th, 2013

On December 19th 2012, less than a week before Christmas, Kieran received a diagnosis: Osteosarcoma, the most common type of bone cancer in teenagers.  She had a large, aggressive looking tumor in the bone marrow of her hip and femur bone.  The cancer had also spread to both of her lungs.  She has since gone through 29 weeks of three different types of chemotherapy.  Her treatment took about seven and a half months, and included hip replacement surgery in March.

On July 25th 2013, Kieran instantly had the biggest smile on her face when she found out that she had beat cancer.  She explains feeling so relieved and says “I felt like I finally achieved something after months!  I'm so proud that I showed I could do this and knowing I could go to bed without a million thoughts and worries on my mind at night was the best feeling”.  Although she is free from cancer, Kieran still has some hard work ahead of her.  She has to do lots of physiotherapy in order to gain her strength back and retrain her muscles.  She is currently on crutches but has a goal of being off them and starting to walk on her own in December or January.

During this whole experience, there are a few things that Kieran points out as being most difficult for her.  One of these things was having to be away from her friends. “I felt so out of loop all the time and it was hard having to stay home or be in the hospital knowing they are all out having fun on the weekends” Kieran mentions.  Another part of this experience that she has found challenging is trying to keep her self-esteem up.   Kieran made a powerful statement when she acknowledged “yes, there were days where I didn't want to leave the house because I was so insecure with how I looked.  Losing my hair was defiantly one of the hardest parts.  I loved my hair.  But I learnt that I am beautiful inside and out, just in a different way”.

Music has been something that has helped Kieran get through this and it always helps put her in a better mood.  When she’s feeling down, she likes to listen to Skyscraper by Demi Lovato, or Three Little Birds by Bob Marley because they remind her to be strong and keep going.  She really believes what Bob Marley said, "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain".  Another thing that Kieran has found comforting is always having someone there.  No matter what they’re doing, she finds it so helpful to have that connection.

Although battling cancer is a tough experience, Kieran has been able to take away positive things from it.  She feels that she has matured so much and says, “I care so much about my body and living a healthy lifestyle and how to deal with things.  But the biggest thing I've learned is to never ever give up and to always stay positive!  No matter how scared, worried or sad you are, just smile!  I've learned to always tell myself that I'm going to be okay and to always look at the bright side of everything.”  Keeping this positive mindset has helped make the experience so much easier for Kieran. 

Before her diagnosis, Kieran’s passion was figure skating.  “I had been figure skating since I learnt to walk and that's what I loved to do.  If I was having a bad day, I could go out on the ice and find myself and I would leave all my worries or frustrations at home and just skate.  I'd come off in the happiest mood” she explains.  Since her hip replacement though, she’s unfortunately not allowed to skate anymore because it’s too risky.  But, she looks forward to getting back in shape and finding something new to do.  Kieran wants to be a role model for other kids and teens that are fighting cancer.  She wants to encourage them to keep fighting and remind them that there is hope.  In the future, Kieran hopes to become a pediatric nurse because she loves taking care of people and wants to set an example.

Update: Kieran's cancer has come back.  To continue sharing her journey with others, Kieran has created a very wonderfully written blog,

December 21st update: Today I learned that this amazing young lady has passed away. Kieran fought strong and hard, and will forever be in my heart. Please send some love to her family and friends

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