Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Word of the Month ~ Creativity

I've started doing this thing where each month I have a word that I focus on.  This post for April is a little bit late because I've been so busy that the month just flew by!  I've actually caught myself thinking that the upcoming month is April - but no, it's May.  Anyway, when I was in Ghana in March (I also plan on writing a post about that sometime in the near future), I was having a really lovely conversation with Robin (one of my favourite people ever) and she suggested to me that I try picking a word each month to focus on.

So, I got home and tried to start that.  I ran into a problem though: with so many amazing words how do I possibly pick one?  That's when I got another idea.  A while ago, my friend Cheri (a social worker I met while having some of my surgeries) gave me some Virtues Cards.  These cards are so cool because there's so many of them, and each has a different word along with a little description, a quote, and things like that.  I definitely recommend checking out The Virtues Project - you can even pick a card right on the website!!

I got out the stack of cards and randomly pulled a card for each month until the end of the year.  Now my problem has been solved - I have words for each month!  The word that I got for April was creativity.  The first thing that came to mind when I thought of this word was art.  For a brief moment I wondered how creativity could be my word for a whole month.  After reading the card though, I began to think about it differently and was interested to see how I would incorporate creativity into my everyday life.

Creativity has been a great word.  It has reminded me to not do things just because I have to and has inspired me to find meaning.  For example, I don't mind homework because I connect it to learning, then I connect learning to moving forward to follow what I'm passionate about.  Most importantly, creativity has lead me to be completely present in all that I do.  It has kept me interested and engaged, all I had to do was put a little more thought into daily life.

The Practice of Creativity

I treasure my imagination.
I am innovative in solving problems.
I take time for inspiration.
I entertain my dreams.
I remember to play.
I develop my gift through learning and discipline.
I dare to be original.

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