Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May Word of the Month ~ Gentleness

The word that I've been focusing on for the last month has been gentleness.  When I think of this word, what it means to me is not only being kind to others, but also treating yourself with kindness.

It seems that it's often quite easy for us to be hard on ourselves, to become stressed, or to be overloaded with things to do.  It takes a lot more effort to acknowledge that and do something about it.  At times, it's easier to be kinder to the people around us then it is to ourselves.

This was a tough word for me.  It isn't anything fancy or fun like last months word, creativity - it's a more serious word and took more thought.  But, it did help me slow down.  I think that even though I'll be moving on to a new word, I'll still be thinking about how this one fits into my life.

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