Monday, October 27, 2014

Next Stop: India!

Fun Fact: this is my 100th blog post on Laugh~Love~Dream!

I'm so excited to share that in June of 2015 I will be headed on another volunteer trip - this time to India!  For three weeks I will be working on education or clean water projects in a rural Free the Children community.
I have been involved with Me to We and Free the Children for a few years now, having traveled to Kenya and twice to Ghana.  The partnerships with community members to create sustainable development is amazing.  I can't wait to see that in action and help out in another part of the world!

So, I've got to start fundraising again.  Since I just started university, I was going to hold off on trips for a while but it's so hard not to get involved... this is what I'm passionate about!  Fundraising is a lot of work, but it makes such a huge difference.  If you can donate or share this with your friends, that would be a huge help -- thank you so much.
Here's a video that talks about sustainable, positive global change and the projects I've been helping with, and then some facts about India. Together, we can change the world!  And here's a link to my fundraising page:

source: Free The Children


  1. Why are you the best person to go on this mission trip? What special skills do you have that you could bring to the children of India? How are you going to ensure the children you are supposedly helping do not develop RAD as a result of constantly changing caregivers and volunteers?

    1. I think I'm a good person to go on this trip because of my experiences and what I've learned. The reason I would like to go on the trip is to continue learning about the world and do what I can to make it a better place. I don't think there's necessarily any special skills I would be bringing to the children... I'm going to work on a project that will support sustainable growth in their community faced with poverty. I guess you could say the goal is to empower them!

  2. What specific experiences have you had that make you suited for this trip? What exactly is the project doing to support sustainable growth? Have you asked the community you are trying to reach if they feel as if they need empowering? How can you justify traveling across the world to support sustainable growth when there are towns in America that are turning into ghost towns because of jobs being exported to China and India?

    1. Thank you so much for your questions and critical thinking! I know with development overseas there are lots of questions raised of whether or not it is effective and if the communities really want the organizations there. With this one though, I know they build relationships first and see what the community feels they need when working towards sustainability through 5 pillars (education, clean water and sanitation, health care, agriculture and food security, and alternative income). They don’t just go in and start building, the community has to be on board with providing some of the funds and when they are ready Free The Children pulls out of the community so they can sustain on their own. I may be going to India and have traveled lots, however, this definitely does not mean I don’t spend time in my own community! There are so many issues across the globe that one person can’t tackle them all, but together we can make lasting change.
      If you wish to find out more about the organization I am volunteering with go to their website: (absolutely worth taking a look at) or even give them a call. They would be so happy to answer any questions you have.