Monday, December 8, 2014

You have a tattoo?!

YES!  I do have a tattoo.  Actually, I have two now, and would love another.  Many people were very shocked when they found out that I had gotten one, and then there were some that didn't even believe me.  But why?  I think society imagines people with tattoos in a certain way and I guess I didn't fit the criteria.  I got very mixed reactions and am frequently asked: aren't you worried it will affect any future jobs?  My answer to that would be no.  I hope by the end of this post you understand why, and maybe help stop some of the stereotypes around tattoos.  

I love hearing the inspiration behind the art on someone's body.  Although, sometimes people don't want to share their stories, and that's okay too.  It can be a deeply personal thing.  I think that if you're going to get a tattoo, get it for you, not for what other people will think.  Something I hear all the time from people is: your body is perfectly beautiful without tattoos... and some people with tattoos might completely agree with that statement.  But for the ones that get tattoos because it makes them feel more beautiful, I think that's awesome too; finding what helps you love yourself is wonderful.

People get tattoos for many different reasons and my story is just one.  For me, my tattoos are a way to take the creativity and inspiration from inside my soul and make it visible.  I find it so easy to get confused or lost in thoughts and feelings, but a tattoo - whether that's a word or image - is a concrete thing that will stay with you forever.  So, my tattoos are a little glimpse inside of my soul.  They are little pieces of my story and remind me who I am.

Both my tattoos have so much meaning in them and were carefully thought out.  My first one, which I got in May of last year, is the word hope on my wrist with a butterfly.  I explain the meaning behind it in my post Always Need Hope.  My newer tattoo, which I got in May of this year, is a lotus flower on my left foot.  My left leg is the one that I've had 10 surgeries on, and May 10th 2014 marked 10 years since the first surgery.  There's a quote that I absolutely love, and I think about it and what it means to me every time I see my lotus flower...

 "If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong" ~Masaru Emoto

Anyway, back to my answer to the question from the beginning of this post - I'm not worried that having a tattoo will affect jobs because if someone has something against me being the person I am, than I don't want that job.  I'm also remaining optimistic that soon enough we'll stop judging each other based on physical appearances.

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