Tuesday, May 19, 2015

March/April Word of the Month ~ Peacefulness

I've been kind of behind on blogging!  Life has been pretty busy between finishing up the Spring semester, working, appointments, and tests.  Turns out I have another gallstone.  I've lost track of how many that's been since I had my gallbladder removed, just like I've lost track of how many surgeries I've had.  I've been feeling not so great for a while now but my bloodwork came back fine, so we thought things were okay.  But then I had an ultrasound just to be sure before I leave for
India... and there it was, another stone right outside my liver in the common bile duct.  It's been over a year since my last one so I guess the medication I'm on for my liver must be helping because it used to be every two or three months I'd end up in hospital, so it's an improvement!  I was supposed to have surgery this week but it was bumped to next week.  Need to get that over with and I'll be all set to travel.

Anyway, this post is actually about peacefulness.  That was my word of the month for March and April.  I kind of forgot to get going on my word of the month thing in the new year, and I've kind of forgot to get a new word haha.  But peacefulness was a good focus and definitely something I've needed to work on.  It's also been something I've improved on, especially in the last couple months.  I'm learning the importance of finding time for me and just relaxing.  Sometimes maybe that's reading or doodling, or maybe it's not thinking at all and watching a silly TV show.  Sometimes it's choosing to walk somewhere while listening to my favourite music instead of taking the bus, or going to a yoga class.  It's been little changes that have brought peacefulness into my life.  These things have definitely been helpful in getting me through all the recent appointments and tests!

Once again, the card for peacefulness has a great message...

The Practice of Peacefulness:
I have a tranquil spirit.
I enter the peace of reflection.

I release my fears.
I move calmly without rush or hurry.
I choose justice instead of anger.
I choose unity over discord.

Okay, time to begin with a new word!  And I am going to try to keep up with my posts :)

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