Monday, September 7, 2015

Back to school in style: 5 brands that make a difference

It's that time of year when students are all heading back to school.  Depending where you live you've either just gone back or are about to.  It's always fun to have a new outfit or two to kick off the new semester and new season.  As you're thinking about what you're going to wear I figured I'd throw out some ideas.

These companies I want to share with you are so awesome and I really hope you take the time to check them out.  You will be very glad you did because they are perfect for any time of year.  Not only will you look good, but you can feel good too because your clothes will be making a difference.

A good portion of my clothes are from these five socially conscious clothing companies:

Wear Your Label
This company was started by Kayley and Kyle, who both have personally experienced mental illness.  Their hope is to create conversations about mental health, give back to mental health initiatives, and end stigma in style.  All the clothes are designed by someone struggling with mental illness and 10% of profits are donated to various mental health initiatives.  They also have the amazing Bracelet Project to unite fighters, survivors, and supporters.  Read more on their website.

Ungalli Clothing Co
With a goal of changing the way that people think about clothing, this brand is ethically produced on 100% sustainable materials such as recycled water bottles, recycled cotton, and scraps from cotton factory floors.  Each shirt saves 712 gallons of water, 1/2 gallon of petroleum, 12 kg of CO2, and 3 oz of agrochemicals.  You can read all about it, how purchasing these clothes is good for our planet, and the organizations Ungalli supports on their website.

Over four million dollars have been raised by this company that believes people matter, and over a million people have been helped.  Many charities have been supported and with each purchase, either $7 will go towards the Cause of the Week or 7% will go to one of their charity partners.  Sevenly has so many options for everyone when it comes to clothing, accessories, and what kind of organizations you'd like to support.  Watch an awesome video and read about how it works on their website.

Me to We Style
If you're looking for sustainable, eco-friendly clothing, this company is another great option.  Their goal is to inspire people to change their thinking from 'me' to 'we' through actions and choices. Living their own philosophy, Me to We donates half their profits to their charity partner Free the Children, an international organization focused on a sustainable development model that empowers people.  You can learn more or shop Me to We on their website.

Ten Tree
The planet can always use more trees, and this company gives you the chance to plant ten for every item you purchase.  You don't actually have to go out and dig a hole in the dirt yourself, you can just rock your new outfit and they'll get the trees planted for you.  So far millions of trees have been planted in areas that have the most need and jobs have been created for many community members.  Their clothing is amazing and you can follow your trees on their website.

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